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Along with its Reply Memorandum, NWF submitted an additional filing entitled Plaintiff National Wildlife Federation's Memorandum in Opposition to Defendant-Intervenors' Motion To Strike Plaintiff's Supplementation of the Record (Sept. 14, 1988). That filing stated: "For the reasons stated in [the reply memorandum] at page 17, n.16, plaintiff requests that defendant-intervenors' motion to strike be denied." (In light of this separate submission, addressed solely to the question whether the supplemental affidavits should be considered, and expressly referring to n.16 of the reply memorandum, it is difficult to fathom the Court's assertion that NWF's request was "buried" in the Federation's filings. See ante, 497 U.S. at 896-897, n.5.) This separate filing, in conjunction with the reply memorandum, satisfied Rule 6(b)'s requirement that the request for enlargement of time be made "upon motion." Though neither of these filings was expressly denominated a "motion," they met the requirements of Rule 7(b): They were submitted in writing, were signed by counsel, "stated with particularity the grounds therefor," and unambiguously "set forth the relief . . . sought." See Campos v. LeFevre, 825 F.2d 671, 676 (CA2 1987) ("No particular form of words is necessary to render a filing a 'motion.' Any submission signed by a party that may fairly be read as a request to the district court to exercise its discretionary powers . . . should suffice"), cert. denied, 484 U.S. 1014 (1988); Smith v. Danyo, 585 F.2d 83, 86 (CA3 1978) ("Rule 7(b) requires no more than that . . . a motion 'state with particularity the grounds' upon which it is based. Plainly, an affidavit which is filed to obtain an order disqualifying a judge satisfies the requirements of Rule 7(b). . . . The . . . failure to type in the word 'motion' above the word 'affidavit' in no way detracts from the notice which the affidavit gave of the nature of the application"). Cf. Snyder v. Smith, 736 F.2d 409, 419 (CA7) ("The Federal Rules are to be construed liberally so that erroneous nomenclature in a motion does not bind a party at his peril"), cert. denied, 469 U.S. 1037, 83 L. Ed. 2d 403, 105 S. Ct. 513 (1984); Miller v. Transamerican Press, Inc., 709 F.2d 524, 527 (CA9 1983) ("The court will construe [a motion], however styled, to be the type proper for the relief requested"); 2A J. Moore & J. Lucas, Moore's Federal Practice P7.05, pp. 7-16 to 7-17 (1989) ("It is the motion's substance, and not merely its linguistic form, that determines its nature and legal effect"). Treatment For Bruxism Painget Stop My Kid Grinding Teeth Fast
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